What is a Digital Media Specialist?

by: Jason Anson

A Digital Media Specialist is a person who has a variety of skills that can include working with Digital Images and Videos, App, Web and Print Design, Digital Content Creation, Search Engine Optimization, Digital Advertising, and/or Analytics and Reporting.[1]

As we move forward through the Information Age, no era has advanced as fast since the Industrial Revolution. Today more than ever it's important for every business to have a Digital Media Plan. A Digital Media Specialist is the person who is going to assist you in making that transition by designing and implementing your ideas to success.

For companies looking to hire a Digital Media Specialist, I recommend reading the Talent Lyft Digital Media Specialist job description template.[2] In Canada, Indeed Job Site at the time of this post listed over 1000 job opportunities under this job title (or relevant job titles).[3] 

If you are looking for a freelancer to assist you with getting some things done with no commitments. Then consider contacting me and I’d be glad to see what we can do to reach your goals.


[1] Jason Anson: Digital Media Specialist - https://www.jasonanson.ca/

[2] Digital Media Specialist job description template  - https://www.talentlyft.com/en/resources/digital-media-specialist-job-description

[3] Indeed Job Site - https://ca.indeed.com/Digital-Media-Specialist-jobs


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