How much does a Digital Media Specialist Cost in Canada?

By: Jason Anson

According to the average Digital Media Specialist salary in Canada is C$50,079 or $20.17 per hour. In addition the position can earn an extra C$2,948 in bonuses, plus C$3,350 in profit sharing. This brings the average taxable salary to $56,377. [1]

The salary range for a Digital Media Specialist can depend on the years of experience (Entry Level, Early Career, Mid Career, Experienced and Late Career) as well as the skills they bring to the job (Social Media Marketing, Video Editing, Web Content Management, Graphic Design, Online Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Web Analytics). [1] For those starting their career, a starting wage can be $36K ($14.78) and for those with the most experience can command an annual wage of $69K ($30.94). [1]

Another factor in determining the average Digital Media Specialist salary can be the city you work in. For example that can fluctuate from city to city as seen in the below table. [1]


[1] Average Digital Media Specialist Salary in Canada -


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