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How to Create a Search Engine Optimization Plan

by Jason Anson

I don’t think there is a more confusing topic than Search Engine Optimization for even the most experienced. One thing is for sure that society today often uses the term “Google it” when researching something. Since the beginning of the Information Age, Search Engine Optimization has changed rapidly and I’m not sure anyone knows what the best plan is. However, one thing is for sure, you’re going to need a plan.

In the old days before the Internet, people relied on the telephone book to find peoples phone numbers and businesses as well. Today, no one really uses a telephone book anymore or have landlines locking them to their residence. Everything is about being listed on Google and while there are other search engines out there, I don’t think anyone can afford to ignore this giant in the business.

Step 1 - Site Audits is a popular Marketing, sales and service software and on a recent blog of theirs titled "How to Create an SEO Strategy for 2019". T…

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